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Why Old Resume Formats Fail

Before automation came to the Human Resources (HR) department, creating a resume was simple: copy one or use a template found online. Now, job applicants need to know how the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) work. Ignoring this step may result in creating a resume that goes directly to the trash!
ATSs are computer programs and therefore operate on rules. For example, the system may be programmed to seek certain words in applicants' resumes. The systems may be set to find frequency of certain words and phrases, too. Many systems match for letter for letter but others may be able to count singular and plural forms (e.g., project and projects would be counted together). The applicant cannot know, and is better off considering how to match word for word at this point.
ATS systems often have a tolerance point set. Because an unscrupulous applicant may try to game the system, a tolerance point helps to identify such situations. In other words, the resume that looks too good to be true often is - while companies want truthful, authentic, real employees!
ATS systems and additional technologies are becoming more prevalent. Today, you may be interviewed by a computer! Some companies have candidates call to hear interview questions and record answers, all with no human contact. Other companies request references by sending a questionnaire to the ones you name, also doing the task with no human contact.
Are you ready for finding an opportunity that fits you these days? Think about the value of networking and evaluating a company culture. Your vigor in talking with current and past employees, customers, competitors, and others may benefit your search. Then, drop old notions of how a resume should look and get ready for the 21st century. Transition Management consultants can help you with the new process -
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