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Transition Management...a consulting company

...conveying the message of change in companies & careers

Consultative Partnering With Transition Management Consulting

Consultant friends, is your business focus aligned with Transition Management’s? Do you offer services from a perspective that, if we joined forces, could enhance the value to clients? Please
contact us regarding partnering!

Important Traits of Transition Management Partners

Transition Management is lean, meaning overhead costs are tightly controlled. Relying on employees & contractors creates an ‘on demand’ talent base for meeting client needs. We emphasize quality through assessment of business partnerships that rest on a solid foundation & are time tested.

What qualities are sought when establishing partnerships?

How does this sort out? The basis is experience based. Our partners, while independent, are assessed for their self-discipline & ability to deliver as team members, sharing strong work ethics & a proclivity to experiencing enjoyment & fun while helping clients achieve their goals.

As consultants, we utilize appreciative inquiry in asking the right questions, assessing the strengths in equal measure with the weaknesses, then reflecting personally & with the team before making suggestions. These are the hallmarks of our work.

Contracting Guidelines