Transition Management

conveying the message of change in companies & careers

Training and Coaching

Training and change should exist as a duo. Training provides the way for growth, development, and new behaviors. That is change!

We use advanced techniques to create learning contracts with adults and ROI (return on investment) statements with business owners and managers. Then, training becomes more measurable and less of an event.

Some of the courses delivered by Transition Management are listed here. But if you seek to invest in your company, contact us with
your objectives in mind - these may be much different from the courses you see here!

We prefer to custom-build your training and development activities.
  • Civility & Communication in Your Company's Environment
  • Trust in the Workplace
  • Facilitation Skills for Trainers
  • Difficult Conversations in Difficult Times
  • Training the Trainer: Getting from Passive to Active Learning
  • Aligning Personal Mission with Workplace Mission
  • Transitioning: Before Writing a Resume
  • Transitioning: Resumes, Cover Letters, and More
  • Transitioning: After This Job, What Next?
  • Performance Improvement: What Health Care Has Taught Us
  • Professionalism (versions for Office, Small Business, Nonprofits)
  • 21st Century Leadership
  • Customer Service: How May I Help You?
  • Time as a Tool (Time Management in Projects)
  • Getting It Right From the Start: Training The Supervisor or Manager (or Coworker!) Who Trains
  • Best Practices: Managing Non-Profit Firms, Managing For-Profit Firms
  • Business Communications: Speaking
  • Business Communications: Writing
  • Business Communications: Videoconferencing
  • Microsoft Office Skills (and MOS preparation)
  • Getting Organized, Managing Time
  • Is Your Job Shortening Your Life? (keeping a healthy lifestyle and working, too)
  • Marketing Yourself & Your Career
  • Me, Inc: Tools for Managing Your Career Like a CEO
  • Powerpoint Presentations Pizzazz
  • Resumes as Press Agents
  • The Stress of Job Loss
  • After the Lay-Off: Survivors’ Stress
  • I am So Stressed (Boreout & Burnout)
  • Pathology in the Office (toxic leaders, bullies, slackers, & more)
  • Your Personal Secretary: Microsoft Outlook
  • Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses
  • Blog? Why Blog?
  • Trends in Technology for Training & Distance Administration
“Transition Management moves you forward. You reach your goals & objectives faster & with less stress.”
Transition Management...a consulting company
...conveying the message of change in companies & careers